And They Are Back| Abu Dhabi Family & Child Photographer

I can’t believe that it’s been a year when I knew this family! And I just feel it was just yesterday….

His mom came to me for a maternity session…. then she loved the outcome and booked a newborn session for him… and there goes us in his every milestone..

From before birth to a new life,, to just learning to strengthen his arms for crawling… and now he’s walking!!!

And just like his parents, we are so proud we were part of his every steps…

We had fun from his last session…

Though I must admit,,,, it was so so so difficult to catch him!

As he learns to walk….. or might I say run???

Me and my husband sure burned a lot of calories =)

Even his parents were no match…

They got tired too (calories burned!)….

But they were there to take care of him whenever he ran out of balance..

And surely this day was a special treat to this boy…

We’ve set the Christmas tree..

His mom bought all the lovely decors for him to play with..

And surely it showed…

How happy he was on this day…

Look at him even trying to eat the candy bar or himself alone!

To make it more fun…

He dressed up like dear Santa’s Little Helper..

Wheow! Four of us is really no match..

He’s learning how to walk but seems he is mastering how to run!! How nice is that??

And this couple…

both shares the heart….

the kind of friends you would want to have….

And although we have finished a year-long project…

We wish this will not be the last…

Blessings for you and the whole family!

Happy 12-12-12 and Merry Christmas too!

We are truly thankful for these three little blessings ♥♥♥

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One Fine Day | Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

I really don’t have anything to say because my heart goes with this family when I look at their pictures from their session…

They have some serious love as I see.. Even waking up before sunrise!

I can find the kids fearless and independent in so many ways..

Reminding me, kids grow fast before our eyes…

But then again, being parents…… “they will always be our darling babies”

The giggly googley love are amazing to see. Wonderful love is a constant to this mom and dad…

I hope you enjoyed their sneak peeks!

Maryrose - A beautiful session and a beautiful family!

Kim Kravitz - What a beautiful family! And I love that location you used.

Bethney Backhaus - Beautiful images! I love them all!

Dannielle - Great captures! What a fun family!

Robin Eiszler - Love the one of them walking the dog at the top! They look like they’re having so much fun! What a great keepsake!

Wendy - These are amazing!!

robin - What a sweet and loving family!

Christy Harper - Wonderful images, so cute I cant pick a favorite :)

Jennifer - I love the colors and tone here. Such great images!

Amber - Beautiful! ♥

Jessica - You really captured their love for each other!

Kasey Ross - Very pretty!

Marissa - What a sweet and loving family! Nice job!

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Look Who’s Walking | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

When it comes to our baby’s milestones, our baby’s first steps are always a hit! We have photographed him since he was just a few months old,,,, when he was not able to sit up on his own and yet starting to strengthen his shoulders for crawling. And just a few days ago, we had our chance to preserve one of his milestones. Yes he’s walking and leaving babyhood behind. The first steps are his major move towards independence.

I had to admit I miss this boy. There is just something about him too. Albert had a pleasure to play with him. And just like him, he was ecstatic with this Play Place.  Look at him as he masters his walking.

Sure was difficult to catch him…..  I was running out of breath… so, I tried to go hide myself under the “snake”….


Then he wanted to play peak-a-boo! Plus, soon he discovered the steps on this “bridge thingy”.. and so he walks like he never had before..  =)

His next discovery where the kitchen play area… where fruits and all other stuff are…

From the looks of it.. he is enjoying!

With the cars… blocks…

Oh boy….  no matter what he sees…he just loves playing around and discover things ahead of him.

Good luck Given… new adventures come your way..


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Bike Morning | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Child Photographer

It was soon getting cold in Abu Dhabi as Christmas comes. And knowing my son loves outdoors, his dad thought he could get an early Christmas gift.

So we go and buy him his gift.

And the next morning,, he asked if it was fine to go on a bike….

Tada!… he learns to ride a bike.

Not an expert yet… but he’s getting the hang of it!

Outdoors in Abu Dhabi…. it is always fun for him!


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Big Favor

Husband dear phone me earlier today and asked me if I have read the message. I didn’t have the chance to check on FB most of the time in the office. So busy that I hadn’t had a chance even during lunch. Then at home, he just showed it to me on his phone. I was saddened with what I read. Our dear friend needed a big favor. Her daughter Dara will need to undergo an open heart surgery and is scheduled this 24th of the month.  And like her mother, I feel scared. Although I know Dara will ace the operation. And like her mother, I’m asking you big favor. Please please please pray for her. Let the Holy Spirit guide the doctors, nurses and all else specially Dara.

Knowing her since she was months old diagnosed with a hole in her heart is one of the things you wouldn’t want your kids to have…  and as I have known her, it is like nothing for her. She is funny, loving, naughty…. all the things kids have that makes us adult need when days become little overwhelming because of what life throws our way. That’s how I’ll always feel when I look at the pictures we took…. thankful.

To dear Dara….. Our family hopes to see you soon! We can’t wait to watch you grow and to keep overturning obstacles. You are the strongest girl I know!!! Our Lord will not let anything bad happen to you.



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Lollipops, Bubbles and Balloons | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

She gave us whole bunch of a challenging day. But sure it was fun knowing the whole family…

Specially that they have travelled far from Dubai…. Wheow! That’s more than two hundred kilometers away from Abu Dhabi (two hours travel!!) and so we thought we should give them our best.

Few days before the shoot, her dad shared that this little girl’s favorites were lollipops, bubbles and balloons….

So we have it all. Nice nice nice. And look at these..

So cute and squishy…

And you can’t beat that! Parents so proud of her….

All the love, all the fun… sure is they are lucky to have each other.

Wow! and did I say she loves lollipops, bubbles and balloons… She can’t stop herself from it as I see…

And she does whatever she wants with it…

but sure she’s pretty with it!

and this bunch were our favorites…

Thanks again for the visit!


Maria Irenie P. Salvador - Thanks much Imelda, Raynan, Julie and baby Albert!
So love the pictures! Clap.. clap.. clap!!! :)
God bless.

Carlo G. Salvador - Hello Imelda! We love looking at the beautiful pictures of our little princess! Thanks for the wonderful experience. God Bless you and your family!

Michael Pelonio - Nice pictures.Lovely Family. Great Photographer.

Estela Villar - Nice shots professinally done. Love the concept.

Kay - Sweet pics Chin! Really cool shots :)

Mae Eusuya - I live with Carlo, Irene and little Chin-Chin. You can never go wrong with pictures of our little blessing. Chin-Chin is truly Irene and Carlo’s blessing. The lights and the color are fine tuned and balanced. Great work by Ms. Imelda!

Paloy - Very nice! Well done! Cutie pie Chintot! ;0)

Joh Ong-Daquiz - Lovely photos… Beautiful family… Great shots! Great job Imelda! :)

Van Eric - Nice shots.

Cecille Adalia - great family! great pictures! great pieces of art!
pretty little Chin-chin :)

Walter - One happy family! Nice pics!

nerlito panopio - nice one i like it,,, my beautiful niece and family!!!

maryann mondelo - so cute!!!! nice pics!

ancis panopio - chin-chin ko. so cute. so lovely. stay stellar, my pamangkin! love you!

Joy - Ang cute nman ni Chintot, me potential na maging model in the future :-)

Ryan ARpon - Soooo cute!!!:)

Ivy - sweet..cutie pie.:)

Ryshell - Cute! One big happy family!

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Into the Woods | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

Good day today!

We head on to the park after a good walk to the mall…

I love how enchanting the park is.. and how free spirited he is.

Albert enjoyed all the space,,, all the trees,, all the woods..

Thanks Tita Julie for accompanying us…

and thanks to Daddy for the new discovery.


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A Very Pretty Doll | Abu Dhabi Baby Photographer

This was the continuation of the previous post on Cup Cake Macro….

We sure hope you are keeping up!

Her mom contacted us for her birthday…..

And when she booked, we are delighted.

The more when I saw her baby…

Those nice curly hair…

big & wonderful eyes….

very looooooooooooong eye lashes….. (obviously I’m envious)

and not to mention those perfect smiles which no one could not resist her charms….

She is a Very Pretty Doll =)

She’s so lucky to have the best mom and dad for her… not to mention the coolest grandparents and auntie… Thanks big time to them…… for welcoming us in their home.. and yes,,,, we consider ourselves lucky too…. meeting people like them… and we’re kind of bragging about them here.

Be sure to leave her some greetings…. it is her 1st birthday and leave some love so when she grows and learned how to read, she’ll know many of you were here.


Aneesha Shameem - Hi,

All my family member really loved the picture’s.

Thank you so much for the precious moments.

Thanks & Regards

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